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    Schedule A Tele-Visit Appointment

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This option is ideal for individuals who need scheduling flexibility and prefer to make appointments and do exercise routines on their own time.  During your tele-visit, we will pair you up with one of our medically trained doctors and they will spend an hour with you learning about where you are in life and what specific steps will help lead you towards a healthier future.


The initial consultation is approximately 1 hour.  Follow up appointments are 15-30 minutes.

After your initial consultation fee, you have the option to pay a flat monthly fee which allows for:


1. up to 3 monthly tele-visits with a board certified physician that serves as your accountability coach


2. private educational webinars when available


3. a tailored meal plan (based on your current BMI, history and eating behaviors) 

OR our boutique meal plans that include genetic testing with a meal plan based on your specific genes.


4. access to an online community portal where people can track their goals and encourage one another. 

If you do not have a smart device, these visits can be done via "audio only" as well.



During the initial consultation, the physician will obtain your family history, medical history as well as your current eating behaviors and habits. We will then identify your barriers to a healthier lifestyle and come up with a plan to help you overcome those barriers. 

In this session, the physician will discuss your current risk factors and explain how these factors impact your health.  Education is key.  Once we explain the pathophysiology (what is happening to you on the inside) you will better understanding why you are implementing new changes and it is also a great motivator to pursue healthy living for the long hall.

During the follow-up televisit, we will go over the target goals made during the previous encounter.  Throughout your journey, we will make small gradual changes to the way you are eating and exercising. 

Our discussions and educational topics will be based on your current goals and barriers at the time. 

We will give you access to a portal/app that will allow you to take and upload photos of the foods you are eating, track your weight and exercise all while being a part of an online community portal.  

Through the portal, your physician will be able to encourage you and make comments on your food choices and goals during the week if necessary. 

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