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Kids Eating Healthy During Corona Quarantine

Absolutely! Now that everyone is acclimated to their new routine, eating unhealthy is no longer an option--not for kids nor their family members. It is now time to incorporate healthier eating and exercise (as best we can). Even if we are on the tightest budget, we are faced with choices but we can try to get creative. For example, a boiled egg, tuna fish, and a side of sliced carrots is healthy, filling, and budget-friendly. What other cheap combinations can you come up with? You may not be your kid's biggest fan with these lifestyle changes but if you ease them in slowly, and not cold-turkey, they will get used to it. Whether you inform your kids about the upcoming changes or just work it in naturally is up to you--you have to know your child and how they handle change in general. I can't wait to hear some success stories!

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