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Shop Justice—This Brand Includes Options For Overweight Kids

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I constantly hear the frustration from parents that they cannot find clothing in their child's size. Usually, it is a child with obesity. So, of course, I did my research and I've come across one of several. Today I will talk about the tween clothing site Some parents that I've come across during clinical encounters and social media have expressed that they love this site due to its plus-size section for kids. The clothing is age-appropriate unlike many plus-size sections in the mall and there is a variety of loose-fitting and soft items that are super important to the plus-size child. As you know, feeling comfortable in your skin (and your clothing) is crucial to one's psychosocial health.

Besides shopping for clothing, you can get your ears pierced or have in-store parties. This sounds like a super cool place!

Shop Justice has brick and mortar locations-828 locations in the United States to be exact. Click this link to find your state and location:

They are slowly reopening their stores since the Pandemic so, please call and find out if the closest store near you is accessible.

They also have 42 locations in Canada.

If you have a child that is plus-size feel free to check out my Facebook page

as well as my parent support group at

Go ahead and roam around this website for educational videos and meal plans.

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