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[How much weight have you lost in the program so far?]


24 pounds.


[How did you manage to lose 24 pounds?]


Just eating right and not eating, like, some unhealthy stuff. I’ve changed. I’m drinking more water instead of drinking sugary stuff. And instead of eating cookies and stuff like that, you can eat…like carrots and stuff- cause I hated carrots. But it tastes better now.


[Tell me a little bit about your experience at the program at Step Up.]


It’s been good; you’re gonna have, like, some tough spots, but you’ll overcome them. 

Girl who lost 24 pounds

Winston Salem, NC


I have lost a little bit over 8 pounds and I’m proud of myself.


She [Dr. Helleby Hardy] has taught me to use a healthy plate; with my protein, starches or grain, and my fish and veggies.

Boy who lost 8 pounds

Winston Salem, NC


In Step Up the Doctor helps my son to be a better person and eat better; and helps him concerning his weight and to make the right choices with the food he eats.

[Has he been losing weight so far?]


Yes, my son has lost a little over 8 pounds being in the program; with the Doctor helping him to choose foods more wisely and to encourage him to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Boy's Mom

Winston Salem, NC

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Radio Interview with Step Up founder

Leticia Helleby Hardy, MD

Radio Interview - Leticia Helleby Hardy, MD
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